Video: What is Blue Marble

Blue Marble:

  • Works together with the system you already have!
  • Is modular - start with just the controller or outfit your entire garden
  • Is easy to install
  • Keeps chemical batteries out of your garden!
  • Monitors sunshine, rain, weather, and season!
  • Lets you manage your garden remotely from where you are, not from the garage or shed
  • Makes your plants healthier!
  • Beautifies your garden!
  • Reduces water wastage and saves you money, and the earth!
What is Blue Marble

The Blue Marble System delightfully automates the delivery of the perfect drink to each plant in your planter, every blade of grass on your lawn, every apple in your orchard, and every vegetable in your garden. It uses state-of-the art, earth-friendly and inexpensive electronic technologies. Just set the system up and enjoy your perfect garden.

Wele to the Battery-Free Future

Blue Marble will operate in your garden without ever having to change a battery: Blue Marble drip valves, lawn valves, and sensors are battery-free!


The Blue Marble System is made up of five primary parts:

  • The Controller for connecting your garden to Internet Weather, the Blue Marble App, and to Blue Marble devices in your garden.
  • The App which is your window into your automated garden from anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Wireless Remote Drip/Zone Irrigation Valves which live out in the garden but work with the controller and app to deliver the perfect drink to each of your plants.
  • Wireless Remote Lawn Sprinkler Valves and Shrub Heads which also talk to the controller to deliver the perfect amount of water to each sprinkler head.
  • Garden Sensors which live in the garden and wirelessly send moisture, temperature, and light readings back to the controller where they are used to schedule optimal watering

 The  BlueMarble App